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Characteristics of a Good Website Design

Having a good website design is essential in turning visitors into customers. The way your website looks gives a lasting impression to its visitors and an effective design makes the difference in turning visitors into conversions or lost prospects. Achieve a good website design with these following tips.

Simplicity is the Best

Simplicity is a common factor of what makes a great website. Keep your website layout simple and avoid overcrowding by putting only the essential stuff in it. Fancy design and layout does look good but too much of it can actually draw away the visitors from what they are looking for. Aside from that, placing out too many options on your website makes it harder for visitors to make a choice or sometimes overwhelms them. Put only the essential information you want your customers to see, keep a simple layout and don’t forget a call-to-action button strategically located on the page.

Use Pictures

Although simplicity is a great factor for good website design, your layout is never complete without using pictures. Always keep in mind that when using pictures on your website, be sure to get high quality ones. Choose photos that fit the overall feel of your website for a harmonious design. You can use these photos as visual cues to guide the eye of visitors into important areas such as call-to-action buttons. Aside from pictures, adding infographics to your site helps a lot in making the content easier to understand especially for those who don’t have much time to read the entire content.


Aesthetics is an important factor to maintain the interest of people while browsing through your website. Choose a colour palette that suits the feel of your website best and work around these colors when designing for overall harmony in design. When choosing fonts, having 3 different fonts is enough to maintain consistency all throughout. You may use stylish or ornate fonts for headings and titles, while plain and simple ones on body text to make it easier to read. Don’t forget to maintain balance in the overall look of your website to make it more visually appealing.

Stick to the Conventional Way

While it is really tempting to create a uniquely designed website, sticking to the conventional style is proven to keep visitors comfortable with your site. People are used to the regular website layout – logo at the top left, a menu bar along the top, call-to-action buttons after content, and contact details at the bottom of the page. Sticking to this typical layout helps page visitors navigate well and comfortably through your website. Also, it is best to stick to the usual buzzwords especially for call-to-action labels since most people usually look for specific words they got used to.

Consider User Experience

The overall experience of a visitor while browsing through your site greatly affects his decision making especially when buying a product or service. Create a layout that is easy to use and navigate and make sure to have mobile versions of your website for added convenience in using your website.

Incorporate these design tips to your website and notice how it definitely increases the overall performance of your site.

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