Basic Guide to Plugins Used with WordPress

Basic Guide to Plugins Used with Wordpress

Wordpres scan be used to create websites and blogs. This software can be used by someone who doesn’t have knowledge of programming as well. It started as a blog creation software but it has evolved to a software that can create any type of website with the use of plugins and themes. You can create e-commerce sites, business websites, forums, resumes, social networks etc. with WordPress. In this article, we are looking are several plugins that can be used with this software.

You need to choose the right e-commerce plugin that will suit your business model so that it can boost your sales. You need to choose the right e-commerce platform to start your business as well. There are many marketing agencies that will be able to guide you on the creation of a website that will optimise your marketing and customer reach. Different plugins are used for different purposes. You need to look at your product or service before you choose a plugin.

Woo Commerce

A popular plugin used with WordPress is Woo Commerce. This is a very popular e-commerce platform that is used by many businesses around the globe. Woo Commerce web developers are able to access a large number of themes and extensions. This makes it very easy to add new features to the website. You are able to choose from a large variety of options when it comes to the design of your site and organisation. You will be able to sell physical and digital merchandise with this plugin. You are also able to add affiliate products. With the large number of extensions that are accessible, you are able to add different payment options. This plugin will calculate shipping fees and applicable taxes. You will also be able to manage your inventory better. But sometimes the vast number of options can hinder your web development as well because there are more decisions to make.

Member Press

This is a plugin where you can sell subscriptions for services and digital products. You can also build a membership website or sell different courses with this plugin. If this is your business model, there are many features that Member Press provides for subscription based products such as different membership options. You will also be able to control how users access content. You can set up permissions so that only certain users can access sensitive information. You can also integrate it to other extensions. However, there are only limited options for payment.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce can integrate well with WordPress and it allows for increased scalability. You can optimise the performance of the website as well. Big Commerce allows you to sell on multiple channels in addition to the website. You can easily use it to promote and sell merchandise on social media and other platforms like Amazon. You will not be charged for each transaction that occurs when you use this plugin. However, while this plugin integrates well with popular third-party apps, there can be some less popular apps that it doesn’t integrate well with.

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