Careers for an Information Technology Graduate

Choosing a career is not an easy thing to do for a teenager and it is not even a thing to kid around when deciding on one’s future. The weight of the decision falls on the shoulders of a young person who has no idea on what he or she does with their life.

Also, one thing that makes this phase very difficult for them is that they are somehow unguided in making their decisions and the multitude of options that they have to choose to is very vast. In today’s modern-day era many teenagers want to cash in on the demand for Information Technology graduates, which is good if it is really their interests and decision to do it; as a guide, here are careers that one can pursue with an IT degree.


With a good academic track record and good grades with a passion for teaching and imparting knowledge one can always be a teacher of some sort in the field of computer science. One can even take the basic educational requirement and take the licensure exam for teachers in their country. Being an educator is a very noble profession, it takes courage to teach others the trade of your field and it opens people to become vulnerable by investing themselves to teaching others but the rewards are greater and the feeling of satisfaction is even higher.

Web Developer

One can become a specialist in web development. Professional at web development are mostly graduates in the field and some are lifelong learners who were able to study and learn by themselves the skill set necessary in web development such as coding.

But a web developer is not an easy feat to achieve one has to have the passion for artistic design and that this passion will be the gateway for their outputs in wed design and development. One has to be interested and knowledgeable in different topics and concepts for one to be an effective wed developer.

Freelance Analyst

With so much knowledge and skills developed in the field of Information Technology one can definitely become a freelance analyst for any company.  The good thing about being a freelance professional is that you can still earn big while having control of your time and how you spend it, and that one does not necessarily have to spend their entire day in an office. An analyst cover tasks such as analysis strengths and weaknesses of a certain digital service or product and they could also give professional input on digital marketing strategy for various websites in the internet.


If one feels the calling to be a patriot and serve their country, having an intensive background in information science is a significant edge in serving the military. Many military personnel today use technology in their warfare because it lessens the danger and probability of death and injury of every soldier in the field. These personal with background in science and technology can be used and assigned on information gathering departments because of their skills and prior knowledge and trainings.

All in all, one has to choose carefully what career they are going to pursue and it must be very important to choose whatever their heart tells them to.

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